When entering data into Polish Scholarly Bibliography in case of License option the Authors should select Creative Commons BY 3.0 PL.


Out of concern for the improvement of results of ministerial evaluation of Proceedings of the Institute of Vehicles, starting from 2015, only articles written by authors in English are qualified for reviewing process. 

Article should be prepared according to the template (ready to download below). Manuscripts that do not fulfill detailed editorial requirements, will not be accepted for the review process.

Template of the article:


The Author should sign and send the agreement for publishing the article together with the text of the article - through the Internet (ready to download below). 

Author's agreement for publishing the article: 

Basic informations about formatting the articles for the Proceedings

1. Introduction

This text is a form of graphic design for print preparation of the article in Proceedings of the Institute of Vehicles (Zeszyty Naukowe Instytutu Pojazdów). The first page should be included by reference, which will be given titles and degrees (or position) of the author (s) and place of work. On the first page (only the first) should also leave the space at the top at the header.

2. Rules for the article

2.1. General information

The full text of the article written in English should not exceed 10 pages. Text should be typed on one side on white paper, justed on both sides. Please prepare the text in Word for Windows, font Times New Roman size 10 pt, with spacing of 1 row. To printed copy of the finished article (printed on a laser or inkjet printer), please include a CD with the text of the article or send e-mail (does not apply to people sending the article via the website).

Paper size 160x235 mm. Text box is with dimensions 126x200 mm, with margins 15 mm inside and 19 mm outside (mirror margins). Top and bottom margins are 17,5 mm. Please write the paragraphs indented 0,63 cm. Pages should be numbered in accordance with the attached footnote format.

Figures included in the text should be numbered and signed on the bottom (Fig. 1), centered.

Formulas should be typed on separate lines. They should be centered and numbered in the order of occurrence in the text. This number should be justed to the right margin.

The tables included in the text should be numbered and signed over the table (Table 1), be justed to the right side of the table.

References should be numbered with Arabic numerals in square brackets in the order they appear in the text. The spelling of foreign names in the article should use the transcription library.

Abstract in English and in Polish:

The abstract should contain 100-150 words. Please write them with a single space, in English and Polish (along with the Polish title of work).

Keywords (3-5 words) in English and in Polish.