Rules of reviewing:

  1. At least two independent reviewers from outside the scientific unit affiliated by the author are appointed to the evaluation of publication.
  2. According to confidentiality principles author(s) and reviewers do not know their identities each other. (the so-called „double-blind review process”).
  3. The reviewer should give up drawing the review up in case of appearing of the conflict of interest with the author(s) of the publication. Direct personal reports occurring between the reviewer and the author are regarded as the conflict of interest - blood relationship, legal associations, conflict; relations of the professional dependence, direct scientific cooperation within two last years preceding the preparation of the review.
  4. Each of appointed reviewers is concluding about rejecting or accepting the article to be published in the Proceedings, among others on the basis of assessment of introduced compliance with formal requirements, compliance with the scope of the journal, originality of results or experiments, or appropriately quoted bibliography.
  5. The review has a written form and is ending with the explicit application about the acceptance of the article for the publication or for its rejection which should be substantially justified.
  6. The reviewing form is given to the public message on the website of the Proceedings.
  7. Every year on the website of the Proceedings collective list of reviewers is published.

Review form:

Review form (in Polish):